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We expected Pupppies

It's finally time to official present our plans First of all, thank you Syla and Konrad for the implementation of my crazy plan and your trust in my ideas. We want to thank you Diane Stewart-ritchie and Ruthie Longbottom for making our dream come true and for now being part of our doggy family. Hope we won't let you down! Marlena Dydak, it is thanks to you and the entire Gabinet Weterynaryjny "Medi-Vet" team that our plan was successful, we are forever grateful. This litter is something more than a dream for us, it cost us a lot of emotions, a lot of team work, but we managed . So we officially present the long-awaited litter: Shilla and Squaddie will become parents .! Squaddie is a dog that we have watched every year on Crufts and the choice couldnt be different.� Now we are waiting for our dream puppies... Ankalima - Setery Irlandzkie

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